Choosing The Best Travel Humidor

If you are addicted to your cigars, you can't go traveling without them. The problem with cigars is that they may lose their humidity if you don't store them in a humidor. This is what travel humidors are for. Once you have your cigars stabilized to the right humidity, you can put them in your travel humidor and go on a round the world trip without any fear that they may lose their quality and taste.

When choosing a travel humidor, there are a few factors that are important. One of them is the proper lid seal. You need to remember this: if the seal is not good, nothing else matters. It has to be perfect, so it's best to pick a humidor that looks a bit less stylish but has an excellent sealing technology rather than a highly polished one that doesn't maintain the proper levels of humidity to keep your cigars in perfect condition.

Another point to consider is the size of the travel humidor. Measure the cigars you use to smoke and make sure the humidor box can accommodate them. You need to find the smallest box possible that can hold your favorite cigars. If you don't mind switching to smaller cigars, you can choose a more compact humidor, seeing that you intend to take it with you in your travels. Pay attention to the way you do your measurements: always measure the interior of the box, not the exterior, otherwise you may end up with unpleasant surprises.

Best Travel Humidor Comparison Guide

Humidor Finish Capacity Price Rating

Park Lane Premium Travel Humidor

Caoba Gloss Hand Lacquered 5 $$$ Not Rated

Aspen With Digital Hygrometer

Black Leather 20 $$$ 5

Prestige Travel Case

Black Leather 6 $ 4.4

Canister Humidor for Travel

Brown Leather 7 $ 5

The Traveler by Prestige

Burl 20 $ 4.5

Xikar 15-Cigar Travel Humidor

ABS Molded Plastic 15 $$ 5

Humidor - Passport

Aluminum 4 $ 5

Xikar Travel Humidor

ABS Molded Plastic 30 $$$$ 5

Briefcase Travel Humidor

Aluminum 12 $$ 4.0

15-20 Cigar Humidor

Dark Cherry Wood 20 $ 3.8

If you're new to cigars, you may need detailed instructions on how to use the humidifier, how to calibrate the hygrometer or how to season the humidor. Don't be afraid to ask for such details prior to making your purchase.

For people who love the great outdoors, it may be wise to select a humidor that has great shockproof properties. If you don't mind not having a wooden box, you'll be happy with a strong ABS molded plastic one that will resist harsh weather conditions and accidental drops.

Keep in mind that the secret to great cigars lays in maintaining the perfect humidity level in the humidor. This means you need to remember to always close it after you take a cigar or load it again, so that it stays airtight when not in use. This helps preserving the humidity and maintaining your cigars in good condition for longer.

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