Choosing a Desktop Humidor

desktop humidorIf you are a regular cigar smoker, you would no doubt love to own a desktop humidor. A cigar humidor is a must in order to preserve the moisture and temperature levels of the cigar. This is very important to enjoy every puff of the cigar and have a great smoking experience in the process. There are many versions of cigar humidors in the market. There are large, medium, as well as, small desktop humidors out there, and you can choose the best humidor as per your smoking requirements. Small humidors are ideal to hold up to 50 smokes and is a good way to store your smokes without having to take up a lot of space around the house.

If you are smoking several cigars a week, you should consider purchasing a medium desktop humidor. This type of humidor can hold up to 100-150 cigars in it. Medium humidors and noticeably bigger than small desktop humidors, and they will have a bigger footprint in your home. There are great designs that come with medium humidors, and they are ideal to be placed in your room. Medium humidors have enough space to store your cigars separately so that they will not touch and blend in flavors. Most of the medium desktop humidors have trays and dividers so that you can age your cigars in different sections.

Lastly, there are large desktop humidors available in the market. They are available as glass-top humidors and fully wooden desktop humidors. This is ideal for a true cigar fanatic, who needs a humidor with abundant space to store various types of cigars. This humidor can hold more than 150 cigars easily. There is plenty of room available to age various types of cigars as per your choice. These humidors are mostly used by regular or chain smokers.

There are numerous categories of desktop humidors available in the market currently. Some of the most popular categories include: Bally 100 Count Humidor, Half Dome 150 Count Humidor, Venetian Black 150 Count Humidor, Churchill 125 Count Humidor, Art Deco 60 Count Humidor, New York 150 Count Humidor etc. Most of the humidors are priced between $50 to $125. They are listed on Amazon and other online e-commerce sites for purchasing, which is the easiest way of ordering a cigar humidor. Performing more research online will help you to select the best humidor to suit all your requirements.

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