The Most Important Cigar Accessories

cigar accessoriesEvery hobby has a set of accessories that are synonymous with it. Cigar smoking is no different. You will not get the full enjoyment out of smoking a cigar without the right cigar accessories. There are many accessories that are synonymous with smoking a cigar, and you should possess at least the basics of them, in order to enjoy the cigar fully. This article will highlight some of the most important cigar accessories that you'll need to fit right in at your next social function.

Whatever brand of cigar you choose to smoke, there are some essential things that you must have to take your enjoyment of smoking a cigar to the next level. A cigar humidor is an essential accessory that you should own to enhance your experience of smoking a cigar. A humidor will preserve your cigar by maintaining correct humidity and temperature levels. There are humidors that could hold up to 100 cigars, but the most common humidor will hold about 20-25 cigars the maximum. There are various humidor accessories in the market. Some of the best humidors are available in many forms such as travel humidors, desktop humidors, furniture style humidors and even glass top humidors. Some of the best brands of humidors include: Mardi Gras humidors, Don Salvator humidors, Craftsman's Bench humidors etc.

The other important accessories in enjoying a cigar to the hilt are cigar cutters. The most popular cigar cutters are stainless steel guillotine cutters, which are available in virtually every finish. Cigar cutters will give you a clean end instead of having to bite the tip off the cigar every time. Cutters can range from a couple of dollars to hundred bucks, which would mainly depend on your taste and style.

Cigar lighters are another important item in the accessory list of a cigar smoker. A lighter with style and class will enhance your reputation among your peers too. There are various types of lighters in the market such as Colibri, Lotus, Nibo, Vector and Xikar. There are double flame, single flame, triple flame and even quad flame cigar lighters in the market today. There are even table top cigar lighters manufactured by Vector under the names of Mega pump and Tri pump.

The above mentioned are some of the most essential cigar accessories that any cigar smoker should possess, in order to enjoy smoking a cigar to the hilt.

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