The Cabinet Humidor - An Insightful Look At This Humidifying Device

cabinet humidorA cabinet humidor is a skillfully crafted cabinet that is designed to hold and store cigars under humid conditions for prolonged periods of time. This is important as cigars require a humidity level of about 70% to maintain their flavor and strength and to keep them from drying off. While humidors can be created from other materials, wood is the most commonly used and most preferred when it comes to the creation of a humidor.

The technology behind storing cigars in humid conditions dates back into ancient days when tobacco would be stored in moist enclosures or caves. However, in recent years, the 19th century to be more precise, a better and more modern cigar storage devices like the cabinet humidor were conceived.

A cabinet humidor is usually hand crafted from wood - most preferably Spanish cedar. It is then fitted with a humidification device that works at removing or adding moisture from the cabinet's interior, leveling humidity levels within it. Almost all humidors contain a hygrometer, which makes it easier to manage the level of humidity within the box.

Good thing about the cabinet humidor is that it is easy to make; however, if it is created by a master cigar humidor craftsman and can have one created for you at your request. There are plenty of wooden custom humidor makers available and who are ready and willing to create a custom and unique humidor for you. All you need to do is to search for and contact a reliable craftsman who will get the job done. To accomplish this, the Internet is a great tool to use. Most best humidor makers today have websites where they can be contacted on if required.

Cabinet humidors also serve a great decorative purpose to cigar lovers and collectors. They not only act as preservation and storage devices but also can be used as decor to complement a collector's furniture. You can have one of these devices designed and created as a humidor furniture piece to be an addition to your overall furniture. Alternatively, you can shop online for an old antique cabinet humidor that still works to store your cigars in and at the same time be a great addition in your home.

Ultimately though, the cabinet humidor, be it a small or large humidor, is a great investment to any cigar connoisseur. It may seem small but a cigar humidor helps protect the larger investment- valuable cigars- for years to come. This is more than just a box- it is a device of great heritage and part of a tradition. That is why it is at times considered a family heirloom for those who have had one passed down through generations.

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