How To Select The Best Cigar Lighter

best cigar lighterSelecting the best cigar lighter can be tough even to the veteran cigar smokers because of the many models and designs of lighters available in the market. Nevertheless, knowing what to look for in a cigar lighter can go a long way in helping a buyer to not only buy a stylish lighter but also get the best bargain. Here are some simple factors to consider when choosing a cigar lighter.

Best Cigar Lighter Buying Tips

First, do not just buy a cigar lighter based on the outside appearance without checking its functionality. Go for a lighter that produces a gas flame that does not smell. The best example is the odorless butane gas lighters. Overall, you should avoid lighters that use petroleum fluid because they produce a smell and leave residue that will ruin the taste of the cigar. In addition, look for lighters that are resistant to the wind because they come in handy when smoking outdoors. Finally, get a cigar that produces a strong flame because large cigars need a strong flame.

Types of Cigar Lighters

One of the best cigar lighters includes the Torch Lighter that produces a jet a flame. Torch lighters resist wind and can work well outside the house. Additionally, torch lighters can fit comfortably in the palm because they are only a few inches long.

Another cigar lighter is the Hybrid Lighter that offers a relatively soft flame. The hybrid lighter comes with a switch that turns the turbo flame off thereby producing a flame that resembles that of a candle. Many cigar smokers prefer these hybrid lighters when relighting cigars because relighting does not require a strong flame.

Thirdly, cigar smokers can use disposable lighters often found in cigarette stores. Disposable lighters use butane fuel so they do not produce smelly flames. However, many disposable lighters do not work well in windy environment.

Price Range of Cigar Lighters

Cigar lighters come in varying prices depending with quality and model. However, on average, the price ranges from ten to several hundred of US dollars. The prices also depend with the material and the fuel used in the lighter. Different stores that stock cigar lighters offer bargains so the prices keep changing.


If you are looking for a cigar lighter, buy one that does not pollute the environment. Additionally, go for the odorless cigars so that the taste of the cigar remains unaffected after lighting. Shop around the many stores to get the best cigar lighter and enjoy the cigar.

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