Choosing the Best Humidor for any Cigar Collection!

Any devotee of fine tobacco knows that a humidor is one of the most essential cigar accessories that a discerning enthusiast can own. Making informed decisions about your humidor means that your cigars will continue to age properly and improve, rather than grow stale. Speaking generally, the best humidor overall is whichever one provides the highest-quality control over its internal atmosphere.

Creating a fresh yet preservative environment for finished cigars is a key aspect of enjoying impeccably-prepared tobacco. When selecting the best cigar humidor for you, make sure that your choice allows the tobacco to breath (i.e. allows it to contact some fresh air as it continues aging) while also maintaining internal humidity. Your humidor has the dual task of conserving the atmospheric conditions it produces, while simultaneously avoiding the staleness and decay that can result from excess humidity in a completely airtight space.

Best Humidor Comparison Chart

Humidor Finish Capacity Price Rating

Quality Importers Desktop

Mahogany 25-50 cigars $$ 4.2

The Elegant Glass Top

Dark Wood 25-50 cigars $$ 4.0

25-cigar Humidor

Cherrywood 25 cigars $ 4.1

Quality Importers Sao Paolo

Mahogany 50 cigars $$ 4.2

Quality Importers Milano

Rosewood 75-100 cigars $$$ 4.7

Dumaine 30 Cigar Humidor

Ebony Gloss 30 cigars $$$$ 4.8

Cuban Crafters Exotica

High Gloss Piano 125 cigars $$$$ 4.4

Quality Importers Deauville

Maple Wood Gloss 100 cigars $$$ 4.5

Cuban Crafters Cuban Elegance

Gloss Rosewood 120 cigars $$$$ 4.9

The Milano Glass Top

Black Oak 75-100 cigars $$ 5.0

A precise hygrometer (which is a device that measures the atmospheric moisture of its surroundings) is indispensable towards confirming that an appropriate level of water vapor is being produced and maintained for your cigars. If you are now just learning about how to store cigars, you may not know that humidity facilitates essential components of the aging process (including the displacement of unpleasant sap and ammonia aftertastes from freshly-dried tobacco). Commonly cited “perfect” relative humidity values range by enthusiast and locale, but readings between 65% and 70% on your hygrometer are generally agreed to be highly desirable.

While judging various cigar humidor reviews, keep in mind that the maintenance of an appropriate temperature is also essential. Cigars that are kept too cold are liable to be
damaged by water condensation, while cigars that are too warm risk falling apart after a period of high humidity. In addition, temperatures above about 70° Fahrenheit (21° Celsius) have the unpleasant effect of making cigars comfortable for tobacco beetles and their eggs. This can result in a prized cigar suddenly becoming infested and ruined. The best humidor for the money is one that will allow you to confirm (or at least estimate) its internal temperature. Proper monitoring in this way facilitates suitable aging and the maturation of your cigars.

The heart of any humidor system is naturally the mechanism by which water vapor is created, and encouraged to interact positively with the tobacco in your cigars. Even a cheap humidor often features a reliable mechanism for generating and maintaining internal humidity, but you should pay special attention here as you shop. Your choices in this arena will ultimately determine the overall consistency of your humidor. You’ll want to choose an apparatus that saturates the interior air of your humidor dependably, but also does so in a manner that can be controlled precisely.

Finally, you’ll have to decide which humidor best fits your collection’s needs in terms of overall size (and by the number of cigars it can hold at one time). The trays that physically hold your cigars inside should allow for different sizes, gauges, and maturation requirements to be organized and displayed in a visually-appealing way. Keeping your personal cigar preferences and traditions in mind will help you as you compare between humidors.

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